June 11, 2010

A militarily ruled democracy

Den Kern vorsichtig aus seiner Klammer lösend, würde ich konkretisierend anfügen, dass "der Spiegel" der öffentlichen Meinung bis zur Implementierung des Cyberspace eine der memestreambildenden Macht zentraler Sendeanstalten unterworfene, leicht zu kontrollierende und deshalb relativ einseitige, auf jeden Fall aber unvollständige Angelegenheit war. Nicht nur, dass die Tele-Illusionierung ihre Wirkung einbüßt, vielmehr wird jetzt mit dem Aufweichen der bisherigen Konsumenten-Grenzziehung (jenseits karrieretechnischer Abhängigkeiten) die Öffentlichkeit selbst sichtbar. Auch und vor allem sich selbst gegenüber! Das, denke ich, räumt nicht nur mit vielen falschen Erwartungen hinsichtlich gewisser Krusteneigenschaften und allem möglichen sonst auf, sondern setzt in meinen Augen vielversprechende, tiefgreifende Prozesse der Erneuerung in Gang.

Immer noch zu komplex?
Einen Konkretisierungsschritt haben wir noch ...

Terry Lee am 5. Oktober '05 im Investigative Journal
@ 14 min)
"About 10 years ago, some friends of mine invited me to a couple of meetings where they study the law and all that, and I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I conceive things to be a certain way all my life: what you talked at school, some by your parents, the government, everything. Then these people say, no, that's not how it is. So, as you get into more and more, you find out, especially when you read certified documents, that most of our lifes we've been lied to and misled. We're not free people in this country. We actually are slaves to a corporation. So, once I found out how the system worked, I decided to really dig into. And then that led me in how do you deal with it and how do you get out of it, and all that. [...] The corporation that runs everything is the District of Columbia a.k.a. United States. It was created February 24, 1871 right after the beginning on starting of the Reconstruction Act of Lincoln's War – it never was called "Civil War", it was called "Lincoln's War" – and it leads up until now to where the states, the counties, the cities are all municipal corporations, municipal means, military ... it's all under Presidential Emergency Power. When you go to a counsel meeting or a county commissioner meeting [...] they are all done that way. [...]

What they do is, they create what they call "a legally built fiction", a substitute trust, and then you sign a contract to be the trustee or the subrogee of their fiction. They created that fiction, they control that fiction under their private man-made codes and statutes, and you then sign a contract to be the subrogee or the responsible party in the beneficiary of that all-capital-letter name. Basically, in a nutshell, that's how the system works. So, if you don't want to participate in that, life becomes a lot harder because the whole system is designed around that thing. These crafty, () attorneys, liars have developed this whole thing over the last 200 years – 250, because it really started back in George Washington's time – and everybody is fallen into this thing and functions this way. The whole country operates that way [...] Our system was alive until Lincoln. Then it changed to the corporate system and has not gone back to the pure republic. We live in a militarily ruled democracy. So, it's private man-made law instead of organic common law.

@ 38 min)
So now, how do you hold property? Well, I took a long look of what people are doing [...] but you're then underneath their thumb: it's still part of Caesar's control. So, what is it? And I said well, appears spiritual religious society, that's not licenced, not incorporated, not anything, is a separation of church and state. So, we took a corporation thorough procedure, and I found a guy that probably does the best ones in the country, and we used most of that wording, but we went around the table for a month and our shredded paper was two garbage bags full until we perfected this documentation for a pure spiritual religious society outside the system. Then we go through what is called due a process of law to give notice to the world and of its existence. Once that's created, then we start putting property in it to love and affection, and once the property is into that entity then we consensually lean it up to more than what it's worth, and then nobody can take it. [...] It's not a simple process what we are talking about here – it has taken me years to get where I am. We are writing books that explain step by step on how to do this. We are in the process: one book is almost finished, another book is been written on the issue of money – 'cause there is no money, it's all depth instruments – and how to deal with all this.

@ 43 min)
I'm just not in the system. Every time you opt into a bank account or any of these contracts out there: driver licence and all legals that are saying you are a 'citizen' ... the people say, what do you mean that you're a citizen or an American – what's the difference? You got to read "The Dred Scott Case" or "The Slaughterhouse Cases" to understand that there are three or four different definitions to the word 'United States' and what that means. It takes really an understanding what's happen to us over the last 250 years. It actually started with George Washington allowing the attorneys to come in and add those different clauses to the constitution before it was ratified in 1789, that allowed the attorneys to take control. And now you have a government that is ruled by judiciary instead of by the people. Then they forced our country into bankruptcy, and so then they had no money, so they took all the gold and silver. So then they had to create a corporation. So then they had to create these fiction corporations for us people, so they can control us also. Once you learn how the whole thing operates, you'd be appalled by, but there is no way out ... There are left back doors to get out – you have to read their rules intently and understand what's being said there, 'cause there are back doors to not participated: it's a volunteery system."

Die Metapher von der Käfighaltung trifft also nicht nur für menschliche Drängelanstalten, sondern für den momentanen sozialen Status der Gesamtheit des globalisierten (Fernseh-)Bürgertums zu – "freiwillig" zwar, unwissentlich jedoch ob dieser "Willensentscheidung". So jedenfalls sieht "der Vertrag, den jeder Bürger mit seinem 'Land/Staat' eingeht," tatsächlich aus, wenn man die "politikwissenschaftlichen" Fangnetze der akademischen Meinungshochburgen überwunden hat.

"I've been a hard working man all my life and when you go through life accumulating things and then don't know how to protect yourself, it makes you stop and think. When I finally realized I had been lied to and technically I was not a free man but a slave, I decided to do something about it. I also realized that the rich men of the world really want to capture all the living beings and take 50 percent of their labor for their own benefit. The system is designed to control and dominate the people and I didn't want any part of it."

"A registered voter who claims U.S. citizenship and meets all the requirements will be granted the privilege of voting in all elections. His name is represented in all capital letters on his voter registration card. A sovereign elector is a state citizen exercising his right to vote in state elections and his name appears in a gammatically correct form," Terry Lee explained.
"That's all."